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No plugins required, easy setup, featuring background sound,
panorama info, offline mode and more.

Skills & knowledge areas

Advanced level:
· Photography and Image manipulation
· 360 VR authoring
· W3C Compliant HTML/XHTML/CSS authoring
· HDRI authoring for image based lightning (CGI)

Basic level:
· JavaScript / Ajax programming
· PHP/MySQL development
· Flash animation and action script programming
· Graphic design

About me

My name is Ninoslav Adzibaba,
I’m a VR photographer / web developer.

I’ve been freelancing from 2003 and in
2006 I’ve established Kult Dizajn, interactive
agency, and been working on virtual tour,
web design / development and photography
oriented tasks for various clients.
I’m member of International VR Photography
Association – IVRPA.

In 2008. I’ve finished my studies at Faculty of
Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade (Department
of Thermotechnics) and got my M.Sc. degree.
Although never practiced engineering I have a
strong interest in renewable energy sources.

I’m updating my portfolio !

Recent projects available upon request.
In the meanwhile, please visit VRH Solutions
to check out my previous work.

Exit Festival Virtual Tour

The virtual tour of 10th Exit festival,
the biggest music event in south-east Europe.

Includes 20 selected panoramas
featuring videos, photo galleries and more.

I was responsible for photography/post
production and Flash interface based
on Flash Panorama Player.

VR5 pano viewer vr5 pano viewer JavaScript / HTML5 panorama viewer for iPad and iPhone / iPod Touch. Featuring offline use,
background sound, pinch / zoom, autorotate, pano description ... No plugin required.
Copy Alpha 1 CopyAlpha1 PS Script PS script that copies Alpha mask from one tiff in bracketed sequence to the others.
Batch processes sequences of tiff’s in a chosen folder.
VR postcard X PHP/MySQL script that allow visitors to your web page to send an message (attached
as a note to chosen VR pano) to someone. (interested? add your vote :)
HDR Grip X How to hardware hack DSLR’s battery grip to allow wider range of auto exposure bracketing
using custom programmed micro controller. (interested? add your vote :)
Sharing time!

I’ve taken some time to share
a few things I’ve been working on
and give back to the
VR photo community :)

You may find it useful.

If you’re interested to check out
those that are not currently available
please add your vote.

Cheers !
VR5 pano viewer JavaScript / HTML5 panorama viewer for iPad and iPhone / iPod Touch. This script is offered
free for personal use.

Creative Commons License
· no plugin required
· start view
· partial panorama
· autorotate
· sound (only for iPad, in online mode)
· info / description in portrait mode
· offline and fullscreen use (web app)
· iPhone / iPad detection
download    demo video

Need someone to make
your VR panoramas
iPad / iPhone friendly ?
Great rates guaranteed :)
Copy Alpha 1 PhotoShop script, helps in a workflow which includes HDR technique and alpha masks. This script is offered
free for personal use.

Please consider
if it’s
going to be used for
commercial work
This script will ask you to:
· Select a folder to process
· Select number of bracketed shots
· Witch image in a sequence has alpha (filename order)
  And then go trough the selected folder and copy channel named
  “Alpha 1” to other images from bracketed sequence. Note:
· images must be tiff format
· there should be only one alpha channel (named “Alpha 1”)
download now

Need someone to make
your VR panoramas
iPad / iPhone friendly ?
Great rates guaranteed :)
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Contact info

Ninoslav Adzibaba info@vrhabitat.com
+1 347 419 4141
Hi there! I’m Ninoslav,
VR photographer / web developer.
This is my personal site.